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Drew Barnholtz

Jeremy is an inspiring, motivating, down to earth coach. He truly cares and only wants you to achieve all of your goals and then some! Eric is a straight shooter who creates an environment of consistency, boosts your confidence and provides real time feedback on your progress. There is zero doubt you will crush it with these guys backing you up on your transformation!

Ellen Kogan

Zero Doubt Club has been absolutely incredible for both myself and my family. The meals are so fresh and delicious, my husband and I grab them for lunches on the go as well as enjoy them for dinner. The food is always innovative and the flavors are rich. Love all the low carb options! Portions are satisfying and deliveries are always on time. It would take countless hours to shop for an create such caliber meals. I’ve tried at least five other home delivery meal services over the years and nothing ever satisfied enough to continue my subscription. The food was either too salty or too bland and we ran out of options rather quickly. So pleased my family is eating well while I can focus my energy on other important things in life. My workout journey has also been pretty significant. My trainer Jeremy makes me feel comfortable, pushes me without being unrealistic, sets goals that I’m attaining every month and motivates me to not only show up, but to be present. The results have been very rewarding. I have energy, no more lower back pain, and muscle definition in places I’ve never had before;). On certain occasions I have had the pleasure of also training with Dani and Sam. Both ladies are true professionals. Dani incorporates yoga stretches into her sessions which are out of this world. Jeremy and Eric have assembled quite a team!

Lana Krasnyansky

I just recently moved back to Cleveland and was thinking of doing meal plans. Best decision I made a as ordering meals from Zero Doubt Club, they have been amazing! Truly fresh, delicious, wholesome, never frozen made fresh and delivered to my door! The flavors are delicious and they always have a great selection to choose from! The only problem you may have is deciding what meal to eat as I always want to try them all the moment I get them! Get meals , enjoy them and save time on shopping and cooking !

Renee Cavanagh

High quality, delicious and healthy food, delivered right to your door- what more could we ask for?! I am so glad I met one of the owners Eric who introduced me to the service. This has made mealtimes in our house so much easier and less stressful!!

Sean Abramovich

The best gym with the most supportive trainers. I would 110% recommend Zero Doubt Club to anyone interested in losing weight, gaining muscle, or just having a good mindset. The trainers are extremely nice and knowledgeable. I lost 20 pounds in just 7 weeks and am glad to be continuing the journey with Jeremy, Eric, Danielle, and the rest of the Zero Doubt Club community.

Chris Licht

Just wanted to share this with you. I went to Dr on Friday, after 3 months, im down 27 lbs, my a1c was down from 9.6 to 6.1. My blood pressure was great. Going back for followup in 30 days , if I keep up the work I can possibly get off 3 medications! Thanks for the push to be better!

Thomas Kovoor

“The best investment you can make is in yourself” - Warren Buffett. Zero Doubt Club’s value has far exceeded the investment. Jeremy, Eric, and the entire Zero Doubt Club team delivered beyond my expectations. They provide the right formula to consistent progress (quality nutrition, high quality workout coaching, and what I loved the most life coaching mindset component). I highly recommend their services for those who need accountability, a coach to level up their standards and enhance form for proper training, and center yourself on what you can control in life. Thank you, ZDC, for everything you’ve given me. The investment is worth it!

Eric Di

Awesome little gym, with every kind of equipment you can think of - including a sauna, and the most amazing human staff, I would live here if I could. #GetSome

Natan Liberman

Love this gym and the trainers are top notch. Wouldn’t get anywhere else

Leo Golubitsky

Amazing results through Eric’s and Jeremy’s coaching…down 50 LBs! They have made working out fun and part of my lifestyle. Lots of great improvements in my nutrition, mindset, energy level, relationships, and living a happier life. Truly mind, body, and soul. I have recently got my kids to join me at ZDC and the impact on them both physically and mentally has been instant and noticeable. They have been great with my kids. Excited to see their (and my) growth in 2022!!

Britni Skoda Radsick

Healthy, delicious pre-made meals. I am blown away by how tasty every single dish has been! Online ordering has just made the experience even better.

Tracy Riga

Excellent meal service! Perfect portions, amazing flavor and delivered to my door. 5 stars!

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    These sessions are to assess & amp; discuss your goals together and create a game plan and make sure we are the best fit. No obligations to continue.