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5 Sure🔥Fire Ways to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

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We all want to live a life free of stress and anxiety.

But, is this even possible with all the things to do and take care of?

  • We are always planning for the next task to complete,
  • For the next meeting to prepare for,
  • The next future event that may or may not happen,

With so much to do and anticipate for, how can we eliminate stress or anxiety?  What if it all goes wrong?  Is stress and anxiety just part of life? 

As someone who struggled my entire life with stress and anxiety, I know first-hand how it feels. I’m not saying I never ever stress, but for the most part, I have pretty much eliminated it from my life and here are five things I did to eliminate stress and anxiety from my life.

Mind: Separating Thought

Sure we need some of our thoughts. The mind can be a tool for you, but most of the time our mind creates thoughts that are not needed. What good do these repetitive thoughts have other than cluttering up our mind and world?  Research suggest that somewhere around 90% of all our thoughts are repetitive. Useless, repetitive thoughts can create stress and anxiety. How many times do you need to hear yourself say the same things over and over?

By separating yourself from your thoughts you create space for silence. This is where peace and serenity lives. This is your true home. There is no stress and anxiety in peace and serenity.

Separating yourself from your thoughts can be done by being aware of your thoughts.  Watch your thoughts, do not buy into them. Let the thoughts pass by, like a cloud in the sky, and feel how much calmer you become. 

Nourish your body and mind

The body and mind are one living organism that has a set of laws it adheres to for optimal performance. You wouldn’t put just any gas into your sports car, would you? OR Would you water your garden with pop?

Our bodies require the right kind of foods and nutrients in order to perform at a high level. When we aren’t feeding our bodies the right things, it will let us know. Too much sugar will make the brain go haywire and that will create stress and feelings of anxiety. 

Sometimes we forget how important the right foods are. We take the fast and easy way out to feeding ourselves and those options aren’t usually the best. Feeding your body the right foods will reduce stress and anxiety.

Ask yourself next time you go for that can of pop,

“is it worth all of the stress? Can I make a better choice for myself?”

Break the Busy-ness cycle

Living in a world with myriad choices we rarely, if ever, take time off. What I mean here by time off, is not just taking a vacation, or taking a day off of work to get stuff done around the house, I mean unplug from the world. Take time off from your current life situations, not just moving your life situation to the beach with you, but actually leaving it at home. Grab a good book with you instead and leave your phone at home or in another room. Take time to just be with yourself. This will allow you to practice more of number one above, Separating from your mind. It will allow you to contemplate what is truly important to you, which for most of us is to be at peace.

Peace is always inside of us and if we don’t take time off to find it, we might never find it. 

Practice gratitude 

We are on autopilot most of the time, so we take things for granted without even knowing it. Life is fleeting, it is easy to miss all the good that surrounds you. Practicing gratitude is a sure-fire way to eliminate stress and anxiety.

Make a list of all the things you have that others around the world do not. If you are reading this, chances are you are one of the fortunate on this planet that can afford a smartphone, wifi, a computer, a car, a place to live, and the ability to go and do almost anything you want. Be grateful you have a job, a career, a family, a life. Life is not guaranteed. You might not be here tomorrow,  today choose gratitude.  

Plant Positive Seeds

If you truly want to live a stress-free life, you have to do more of this. Stop watching the news. Stop hanging out with negative people. Stop watching true crime shows. All of these things bombard our minds with the wrong thoughts.

Our minds are like gardens, what you plant in your garden will always grow. Are you planting dark thick vines? or Are you planting flowers?

It doesn’t matter how mentally strong you think you are, what you surround yourself with will translate to your thoughts. Negative thoughts always lead to stress and anxiety.

5 Ways to Eliminate Negative Thoughts:

  1. Read a good book
  2. Breathe
  3. Watch a positive show.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people.
  5. Hangout with mother nature more.
    She is the ultimate teacher and guide to help eliminate stress and anxiety. 

Life does not have to be hard.

Life does not have to be full of stress, anxiety or worry.

Life is a gift that keeps on giving.

Are your hands open to accept the gifts? It is always a choice. It is always YOUR choice

If you, or anyone else you know wants some help in reducing stress and anxiety, please schedule a call with me.

What are some ways you relieve stress and anxiety?

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-Zero Doubt Club Co-Founder, Jeremy Torchinsky
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