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Exercise Styles for Your Goals

There are many different styles of exercise and all of them have their own benefits and shortcomings. When you’re starting a health journey, whether it be for physique goals, mental health, spiritual well-being, internal health, or a combination of all of these, it is hard to decipher what style of exercise will truly help you achieve your goals. In order to determine what type of exercise you should put your energy into, you must define your goals specifically, especially goals related to the physical body. Down below are some exercise styles discussed and what physical changes they will elicit if you put effort into them for an extended period of time.

Despite the dramatic statistics, it is possible to stick to your goals this New Year’s. If you are wondering how you can be one of the few to achieve resolution victory, check out the 5 tips below!

  1. Understand Your Why

Put deep thought into what matters to you the most, and write down what improvements you are serious about making. This will make your resolution significant and help you understand the reason behind your goal setting. When you are met with obstacles down the road, you can reference your why for incentive to keep moving forward.

2. Set Attainable & Realistic Goals

Use the SMART goal method. This method helps create a solid foundation for the resolution you are aiming to achieve. When you create a goal, be Specific, make it Measurable, aim to Achieve, go for Relevance, and ensure it is Timely.

3. Seek Support

Having a support system will hold you accountable and motivate you to push through the ups and downs. Reach out to a friend and coordinate buddy workouts for extra inspiration. Ask your friends and family to support you by inquiring about your progress. Hire a coach or a trainer that will lead you down a successful road. Sign up and pre-pay for classes to hold yourself accountable. Download an app and track your progress for additional encouragement.

4. Aim for Sustainability

No matter the goal, it is always best to start small and make gradual changes over time. When you try to adopt drastic changes, it adds unnecessary pressure to your life. Starting small will be less stressful and will allow you to create healthy habits over time. This technique will produce major outcomes in the long run.

5. Start Now

Now is the time to stop postponing your goals and start taking action. You don’t need to wait until New Years. Put a plan in place and make little changes right now. Find a way, not an excuse. Decide what you want to work towards, write it down, and tell someone about it.

Sticking to your goals doesn’t have to feel hopeless. This New Year’s, get real with your why, set SMART goals, build a support system, take small steps to gain sustainability, and start now. Have an open mind, and even if you fall of course, keep trying. Find joy within the journey, and enjoy the ride along the way!

-Danielle Lasky Zero Doubt Club

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