A podcast focused on mindfulness, health, fitness & joy led by Eric Golubitsky & Jeremy Torchinsky. After spending time with these two, you’ll have zero doubt about living a healthy & positive lifestyle.

Episode #2 - The 6 Pillars of Wellness


Stream Zero Doubt Podcast on Spotify or any other streaming Service! Episode 2: The six pillars of wellness will guide your choices to help you improve your mind, body, family, society, faith & finances. Eric & Jeremy explain the 6 pillars and how they apply to their lives.

Episode #3 - The Hero's


Episode 3: The Hero’s Journey. So many books and movies are based on the mythic structure of the Hero’s Journey. Eric and Jeremy explain what the Hero’s Journey is and apply it to the health industry and their personal lives.

Episode #4 - Jeremy's


Jeremy Torchinsky, founder of Zero Doubt Club, shares his own personal life story that has inspired many to make a change towards a healthier, active lifestyle.

Episode #5 - 11 Fitness Trends of 2021


Episode 2: Zero Doubt Club’s take on popular health industry fads and trends of 2021. For example: Outdoor fitness, Virtual training, Post-Covid in-person training, Connection of Mind & Body, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Corporate Wellness and more…

Episode #6 - Journal


We @ZDC strongly believe that vision creates reality. Positive visions create positive realities. These all start with journaling. Helps you prioritize problems, fears and concerns so you can get through them. Helps you create day to day goals and visions so you can achi

Episode #7 - Active Days


We hope you are taking a walk while listening to this podcast 🙂 Why? Because health & fitness is NOT created from 2 or 3 gym workouts a week by themselves. It’s important to eat healthy, get good sleep/rest, work on your mindset/mindfulness and ACTIVE movement on your OFF DAYS. Take a listen…

Episode #15 - Eric's 8 Month Mind Body Soul


Eric has lost over 50 lbs in only 8 months and has already experienced dramatic improvements in all 6 pillars of fitness that Zero Doubt Club promotes. (Mind, Body, Faith, Society, Family, & Finance) Eric goes deep and shares the good and the bad during his 8 month journey. Losing 50+ lbs, getting much stronger, quit drinking, eating healthy, feeling of firing on all cylinders and most important confident and now has Zero Doubts that he will live a long, healthy and happy life! Take a listen…

Episode #16 - Zero Doubt Club Life Coaching Testimonial


We @ZDC strongly believe that vision creates reality. Positive visions create positive realities. These all start with journaling. Helps you prioritize problems, fears and concerns so you can get through them. Helps you create day to day goals and visions so you can achi

Episode #21 - Client Progress and Motivation with Seth


Jeremy and Eric sit down with Seth, a client of several months, to hear his progress and experience with training at Zero Doubt Club. Seth shares what motivated him to make the change towards living a healthier lifestyle and discusses his personal goals.

Episode #19 - Meal Plan's & Diets


What started out as an obvious observation of how poorly people eat and then cemented by our own clients, Zero Doubt Club is now in the meal plans business. We took an outside look at why diets and other meal plans do not work and are building a program that helps people get healthy eating right. Many for the first time and with education and a turnkey fresh product, hopefully the last time.

Episode #20 - 7 Ways to Believe in Yourself


Self-confidence is everything when it comes to achieving your goals! In this episode, Eric and Jeremy discuss seven ways to build belief in yourself and how to grow your confidence. We are grateful for all our listeners – thank you all for an amazing 20 episodes so far! Here’s to 20 more

Episode #25 - Gym Update + Q&A


Jeremy and Eric sit down to give you all an update on the business and engage in a Q&A conversation

Episode #22 - Aerobic and Anaerobic Workouts


Episode 22 is live on all streaming platforms!

Episode #23 -


A Q&A session for all our viewers.

Podcast #26 - New Years


Why Do New Years Resolutions Fail Our top 5 points of advice so they stick this year Jeremy & Eric share their New Years Resolutions for 2022

Episode #28 - Reflecting on The Year 2021


Eric and Jeremy reflect on the year 2021. They ask themselves 5 valuable questions that will prompt them for the New Year. Listen to find out how 2022 will hold even more purpose and meaning moving forward!

Episode #32 - Client Testimonial Sean Abramovich


Sean, one of our youngest clients describes his amazing dedication, weight loss, strength gain, diet, SMART goals and more…. an inspiring listen!


Episode #39 - Gratitude


Today we talk about a hugely important topic… Gratitude. Practicing gratitude is very important to your wellbeing overall- physical, mental, and spiritual.

Episode #40 - Accelerated Transformation w/ Jenn Robin


Episode #38 - Positive Self Talk


This week, Jeremy and Eric talk all things self-talk. Self-talk is the internal conversation you have with yourself about who you are and the experiences you’ve had. Eric and Jeremy touch on what negative and positive self-talk is and how it impacts our lives. Listen to find out how you can shift your negative self-talk to self talk that is more positive, kinder, and more compassionate.


Episode #37 - Stress Relief


Eric and Jeremy talk about what stress is and where it derives from. Together they open up about their experiences with stress and how living in a state of high stress impacted not only themselves, but the people around them as well. The big question is: How do we mitigated stress?

Episode #36 - Plant Medicine w/ Jenessee Roy


Eric and Jeremy sit down with Jenessee Roy to talk about how to live a more pleasant, stress free life. Jennessee helps people discover deeper purpose and coaches them to create their divine blueprint. Jenessee is an expert in plant medicine, chakra systems, and spiritual metaphysics. Together, they discuss how you can use these tools to heal and step into your true self. Jeremy also touches on his last experience with ayahuasca and shares how it transformed his life yet again.

Episode #35 - Fitness Training Styles


Sam and Dani discuss different training styles that are often used in the gym. They go further into detail about 3 main styles of training and talk about how your goals can help you distinguish which style is best for you!


Episode #34 - Jeremey's 2nd Ayahuasca Adventure


Jeremy reflects on his previous trip to Orlando, as he now prepares for his second experience with Ayahuasca. He speaks on the benefits he received the first time around, and expresses why he has no specific expectations leading up to his second encounter.


Eric and Jeremy sit down with David Worden- a long time client at ZDC. David opens up about his wellness journey and dives deep into his mental, physical, and spiritual transformation.

Episode #31 - Client Testimonial: Alex Krooglik


Eric and Jeremy chat with long time friend, trusted business advisor, and original meal plan client- Alex Krooglik. In this podcast, you will learn all about Alex’s scholastic and impressive business background and successful career. Alex also goes into depth about his health journey and why he is such a big fan of ZDC meals.


Episode #30 - Team Member Sam & Transformative Binder


This episode is an introduction to our awesome team member Samantha Miller. Jeremy, Dani, and Sam also chat about the newest content masterpiece from Zero Doubt Club; our Transformation Binder. The binder gives so much amazing information about training, nutrition, mental and spiritual wellness, etc. We are excited make this available for everyone!


Jeremy and Eric give us all an update on what’s been happening in their lives and the gym. They go through and answer the questions: How long do I need to workout for? Do I need to vary my workout to see results? How do I get a six pack?

Episode #27 - Why Vegan?


Give the animals a break and indulge in more nutritious fruits, veggies, and whole-grains! Even if you aren’t vegan or never plan to be, this podcast will leave you with answers to questions you never even thought to ask. Jeremy and Dani talk about what a vegan diet looks like, why you might want to consider a more plant-based diet, where to start, and a few misconceptions of going vegan.


Episode #13 - Vision Create Reality: Bodine Balasco PT2


Deep dive into a 9 step process to help create your visions. 1) Desired Outcome 2) Your Why 3) Current Circumstances 4) Formally Choose to Create 5) Power of your imagination to visualize your successful completion 6) Brainstorming 7) Label & Organize 8) Best first actions 9) Active process. This is not work… this is a proven simple process that helps overcome doubts and fears and make your dreams come true! Take a listen and something wonderful in your life is about to happen!


Episode #10 - Vision Creates Reality: Bodine Balasco PT1


Bodine Balasco is a professional speaker & researcher, who claims he has “discovered the best method available” for effectively CREATING THE RESULTS WE WANT, in our Work and in our Lives. Bodine has been named “One of the Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century.” And here at ZERO DOUBT CLUB we are so excited about bringing Bodine’s researched wisdom to you where he will share the Method he has discovered & organized.


Episode #41 - Client Testimonial: Ron Gross


The ZDC guys talk to their trusted friend, client, and fellow EO member of 7+ years- Ron Gross. Ron opens up about how he started working with Zero Doubt Club and how his health and fitness journey is continuing to unfold.


Episode #43 - Supplementation


What are supplements? Why should you take them? If your curious about the ins and outs of supplementation, then this weeks podcast is for you! Listen to Sam, Eric, and Jeremy talk all things vitamins, minerals, and more!


Episode #44 - New Team Member: Aaron Bernard


This week, Eric and Jeremy sit down with one of our newest ZDC Personal Trainers- Aaron Bernard.  Aaron talks about his journey in the health and fitness world and why he is where he is today. Listen to find out why we are so stoked to have Aaron be a part of our team!



Jeremy and Eric sit down with one of ZDC’s newest team members- Meghan Cool. Meghan talks about her lifestyle and the journey that has led her to becoming a part of Zero Doubt Club team. The guys also share the news of ZDC’s new gym location opening up at The 9.

Episode #46 - 5 Sure Ways to Eliminate Stress & Anxiety


Do you desire to live a life with little to no stress and anxiety? Sounds pretty great, right? In this weeks podcast, Eric and Jeremy talk about stress and anxiety and provide you with 5 ways to deal with these feelings appropriately.


Episode #47 - The Importance of Sleep


This week, Jeremy and Eric sit down to talk about the importance of sleep and how it directly impacts our health and well-being. The guys do a quick check in and then break down sleep in a 101 manner. This podcast is a great listen for anyone interested in the topic and looking to improve their quantity and quality of sleep!



There are many common misconceptions about strength training as you get older. On this weeks podcast, the guys discuss what you can expect out of strength training at an older age and why strength training is so important the older you get. 

Episode #49 - Mental Health & Eating


What you eat is directly connected to your mental well-being. On this weeks podcast, Aaron and Meghan talk about the correlation between food and mental health. Listen to find out more about how the food you put in you body impacts more than just your physical health!


Episode #50 - Introducing Stephen Healy


That’s right- we’ve added another rockstar to our ZDC team! This week we sit down and introduce our newest ZDC personal trainer- Stephen Healy. Listen to get to know more about Stephen and why you want him leading you through your next workout!



This week, Sam and Meghan talk all things macromolecules! Together, they share their knowledge, and go into depth about what macromolecules are and why they are extremely important for your health. Listen to learn more!

Episode #52 - COMING SOON!!!




Episode #53 - COMING SOON!!!



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