Why Meal Plan?

What is meal planning? Meal planning is preparing food in advance that will be eaten throughout the rest of the week. Meal planning has become overwhelmingly popular because it allows people to plan healthier meals and prepare dishes that are correctly portioned. This has had a positive impact on many people’s health. Meal planning will make your life easier, and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. You will eat healthier

Meal plans are nutritious, balanced, and delicious. With meals ready for you at home, you will naturally cut back on fast food and dining out. Cutting back on highly processed foods will make you feel healthier in no time! The urge to grab food while you’re out will subside knowing you worked hard cooking and have wholesome meals ready for you to eat at home. No more asking the question, “What are we going to have for dinner tonight?”.

2. You will save money

As mentioned previously, meal planning leads to less money spent on eating out. Also, since you are preparing for the whole week, shopping at large discount supermarkets will be in your favor. Generally, it’s much cheaper to buy in bulk than grab a variety of little things from the grocery store multiple times a week. Taking less trips to the grocery store also helps you save on gas.

3. You will save time

No more spending hours in the kitchen preparing for one meal every night. Meal planning encourages cooking just once a week, and on average you spend an hour or less preparing meals. Taking less trips to the grocery store will also help you save time. Go once to a big discount supermarket and buy in bulk. Then take one trip to your local market to buy fresh produce and anything else you may have forgotten.

4. You will reduce stress

You no longer have to scurry through the week constantly wondering ‘what’s for dinner?’. This alone is a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Meal planning keeps you organized and gives you more freedom in your schedule. Maybe you need an adult night out? Meal planning makes it easy to leave the kids at home with dinner already ready for them so you can take time for yourself.

5. You will try new thing

With meal planning decreasing the stress in your life, you’ll have more energy to get creative with new recipes. Instead of sticking to the same old boring dishes you tend to cook out of ease, you’ll get to switch things up and add new meals to the dinner rotation. Meal planning will inspire you, and your whole family will be excited to see what you come up with. You can even ask the kids their thoughts on recipes and brainstorm together!

So what is stopping you? Try meal planning today and watch your life change for the better. Before you know it you will feel healthier, save money and time, reduce stress and try new things every week!

-Danielle Lasky Zero Doubt Club


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