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Zero Doubt Club Partners with Landlords to Prioritize Healthy Work Environments

Slowly but surely, businesses are re-opening their doors and luring their employees back into the office. This has not been an easy task for business owners, because why wouldn’t you want to work from the comfort of your own home?

For starters, studies have shown that working from home has led to a decrease in people’s overall physical and mental well-being. These statistics are directly related to a decrease in physical exercise, uncontrolled food intake, a lack of community, and unsatisfying work environments.

Zero Doubt Club partners with building owners, headquarters, and developers to guarantee change in your office life. With health and wellness being our number one priority, Zero Doubt Club works with building owners and employers to provide the following amenities:

  1. Provide or update a dynamic fitness facility, incredible personal trainers and weekly fitness classes.
  2. Transform underutilized and outdated building conference rooms into exciting multi-purpose rooms.
  3. Incorporate healthy delicious meal plan services to replace unhealthy, costly and antiquated cafeterias.
  4. Offer 1 on 1 employee support through interactive education and life-coaching sessions. Our proven process boasts high participation and high levels of improvement.

Cultivate Your Office Space

ZDC believes the quality of a work environment is extremely important to your well-being. Business owners all across Northeast Ohio are working with local artists and designers to create an office space that will help its employees work at their highest level of potential. An inviting work environment will lead to a less stressful and more productive work atmosphere. When you amplify your workspace with a fresh design, functionality, and positive energy, employees will be motivated to show up to the office feeling satisfied and ready to work. Upgrading work spaces will also help build sustainable employee relationships and community within the office. Your employees will be happier and working together as a team in no time!

Update or Replace Your Cafeteria

We are determined to replace or bring quality back into your building’s cafeteria by providing easy access to delicious healthy food. You are what you eat, and your employees’ engagement and production are directly connected to healthy lifestyle choices which start with nutrition. With fresh cooked chef inspired and properly portioned meals, employees no longer have to leave the office and waste precious workday time and money on low-quality food. Many restaurants unfortunately put substandard ingredients in their food and offer portion sizes that are too large. This leads to employees overeating toxic meals which disrupts their engagement at work for the rest of the day. “I really regret eating healthy today” … said no-one ever 🙂

Boost Your Fitness

When you partner with ZDC, employees gain access to the best fitness facilities around. Our goal is to motivate employees to be physically active by providing a space that has the latest gym equipment, is clean and inviting, and encourages healthy living (mind, body and soul). To keep employees accountable and working towards their goals, ZDC also offers private and semi-private training sessions each week. Employees will also have access to weekly yoga and circuit classes.

Expand Your Knowledge

ZDC offers a one-of-a-kind interactive experience by providing all employees with an educational binder. This binder is filled with informative ways to help employees navigate proper eating habits, workouts, life itself, and more. Employees will also have access to life coaching sessions every month. Life coaching will help you find deeper purpose and meaning in life. ZDC will teach you how to add deeper meaning and purpose to your life!

When you enrich the lives of your employees and take their health and wellness into urgent consideration, your culture and business will flourish even more. Our goal is to give employees another reason to happily show up to work and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Take preventative measures towards health and wellness by partnering with Zero Doubt Club today. There is zero doubt that when you partner with us, your employees will achieve quality health, build solid work relationships, and show up to the office motivated to work hard.

-Danielle Lasky Zero Doubt Club

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