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Eric Golubitsky and Jeremy Torchinsky Co-Founders of Zero Doubt Club, a Holistic Health Studio in Mayfield Heights Ohio and Cleveland.

Our Story.

Zero Doubt Club began with two childhood friends in Cleveland, Ohio having a mission to help one million people begin and continue their wellness journey through their customized wellness experience such as Life Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, and Private Personal Training that focuses on the mind, body and soul.

Jeremy Torchinsky, our co-founder had a goal of living healthier and to truly understand the connection to the mind, body, and soul while being authentically himself.

Through Jeremy’s wellness journey he reconnected with his childhood friend Eric Golubitsky, who would soon become his business partner. Jeremy took what he had learned over the year to help Eric during his wellness journey. And it did!

Fast forward to today, they have two locations in Downtown Cleveland and Landerbrook in Mayfield Heights. Jeremy and Eric named their business,
Zero Doubt Club, and it’s because they had zero doubt everyone would succeed if they followed their wellness experience.

Jeremy and Eric passionately believe in their mission to help one million people create healthy habits, become self-aware,
create new routines that promote wellness and more at
Zero Doubt Club. 

 “We can help people that are full of doubts and full of negativity to start living with zero doubts, because if we can do it–anyone can.

Fad diets and exercise plans won’t help you get the long-lasting results that you need. You deserve to live a healthy, mindful, and joyful life.

Are you ready to start your wellness journey? Contact us today!

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Cleveland-based Wellness Studio Zero Doubt Club Co-Founders Jeremy Torchinsky and Eric Golubitsky

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Would you like to challenge the status quo of the current health and wellness industry? Become a part of our growing team.

You will not only make an impact in the lives of our Zero Doubt Club clients, you will be be a part of our mission to help one million people connect their Mind, Body and Soul.

Within the journey lies the joy.

Jeremy Torchinsky

CTO, Co-Founder

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Meghan Cool

Personal Trainer Degree in Food Science & Nutrition Amateur Volleyball Player

Olga Chulak

Chef's Assistant

Eric Golubitsky

CRO, Co-Founder

Aaron Bernard

Certified Personal Trainer Men's Physique Bodybuilder Specialist in Exercise Therapy Certified

Thai Butler

Professional Chef

Inga Golubitsky, RN, BSN

Chef Health Food Expert

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Olga Lebedeva

CPT, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

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